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The Founders of Inner Good Health & Fitness forged a strong bond based on one common goal: Being happy... But what we discovered was our happiness had a close relation to us being as optimal as possible. Basically saying, if we want optimal happiness, its started with our wellness.  


After decades of playing sports at the High School, College, and Professional Levels, a desire for peak performance had become a natural part of the Founders' lives. Each found themselves asking: “Why retire from the sport – what was the point of all of that physical activity if the motivation to stay in shape goes out the window?”

If this question was raised in the mind of dedicated athletes, how are non-athletes to be motivated?  Playing a sport or not, we must maintain a certain level of physical fitness to enable our bodies to perform at an optimal level ~ for the good of our everyday lives.


Inner Good Health and Fitness Inc was born in 2007.

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